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de Philharmonie {as Dutch Design Platform} II

On the 11th of May myself, Michèle Baudet and de Philharmonie team prepared the second installation of Dutch Design pieces in de Philharmonie, in Haarlem.  Designers including, Max Lipsey, Studio Truly Truly, Hongjie Yang, Fiona du Mesnildot, Andrea de Chirico and Beatrice Cordara are taking part, and their pieces will be on show; to enjoy, try and to buy in the Philharmonie for the coming 6 months. Amongst hundreds of other musical and congressional events that take place in the Philharmonie throughout the year, we hope to introduce a few more that will encourage people to interact more with an art that is less familiar to them, in this melting pot of culture.

The Philharmonie is a 11000m2 concert hall building in Haarlem (the Netherlands), with 200 events per year and around 70,000 visitors, attending a range of events from local concerts to international conferences.


All photos courtesy of @BibiVeth