"The Dutch ceramic artist Hester Tjebbes came in 1983 to the pottery village of Pejaten in Bali, where she advised on a technique of a simple, high-fired, hand-thrown and hand-decorated product. This turned into a development project funded by the Dutch HIVOS Foundation. After a lot of experimenting and studying Balinese classical shapes and decorations, the technique and designs that were developed have spread and hundreds of potters in Petajen today make a living with it. This success was also due to bapak Tantri, who ran the village as his family, with authority, intelligence and lots of energy. In 2003 Hester Tjebbes moved her French Eglantier studio to Pejaten, in order to make the kinds of pots she always wanted to make. She works with 6 artists that she trained 20 years ago. She told them that she is tired of seeing cheap commercial pots. The studio focuses on quality. After 6 years, she is proud to present the exceptional ceramics of Eglantier. Some very big sizes, like the old Martavans, others fine elegant porcelain. In times of mass produced, industrial and often disposable objects, we do need signs of real material and human skill to compensate for the lack of intrinsic values elsewhere." - Erasmus Huis Catalogue