Renovation House: A


This 4-storey family home, was built on top of an old steeg (a public alley), which had originally lead to additional house numbers. It's presence was lost, having been part built into and part in an undeveloped storage area of the basement. When approached by the new owners to help them reprogram the house for their large, social family, it was proposed to open up the steeg and use it to bring more light into the long basement area.

The kitchen, dining and living area could then be combined and even combined with a new outdoor space in the steeg.  The ground level (which was a kitchen) became a more formal sitting area, which led to the further private bedrooms and bathrooms. Exposed brick, natural hard woods and white walls made for a simple interior palette the family could personalise with their own eclectic collection of furniture.


location:        Amsterdam
gross area:    510 m3
client:            private
date started: 2017
stage:            DO
completion:  -
budget:         ca. 80,000eur.