Renovation House: A


A former book binding shop (boekbinderij), all long converted to a 4-storey family home, was built on top of an old steeg (public alley), consequently concealing the additional house numbers that it used to lead to. The new owners wished to reprogram the living space, primarily on the basement and ground level to better suit their large, social family. The old steeg was re-opened in the new design to improve the circulation of the spaces and bring light back into the narrow passageway, which opens up to a small garden and dining space at the back of the plot.

location:        Amsterdam
gross area:    510 m3
client:            private
team:             l. gibson, r. van mameren
date started: 2017
stage:            DO
completion:  -
budget:         ca. 80,000eur.
costs:            to be determined
suppliers:     -
carbon ft:      -