Thickening the street

Marseille Irrigations Architectural Masters research topic

This introduction to Marseille aims to establish methodologies for critical design practice which operate between field and studio (a City toolkit). The component will stimulate and clarify critical questions which may form ways of proceeding with processes of studio inquiry, production and reflection. The studio, exploring the potentialities of integrated practice, is a place of synthesis of both theoretical and technical knowledge.

Marseille is situated on the southern coast of France, one of the Mediterranean’s oldest settlements, a European portal, a manifestation of the post-colonial condition, and a place of differentiation – dream, drift and dialect. The city region had been designated European Capital of Culture in 2013. Marseille Irrigations engages with historic, visible and ‘shadow’ substructures intrinsic to sustaining the city in the context of issues such as contemporary hydropolitics, housing and transit. This project explores how the urban fabric may be more sharply defined or dissolved in order to promote relevant civilities of dwelling and public life.