Renovation House: B


Working on behalf of van Dongen-Koschuch Architects, a concept deisgn and VO was provided for the extension and renovation of the lower two floors and basement of a 19th century home in Amsterdam.

The clients looked to improve the light and energy efficiency of their family home. On developing a plan that accommodated all the clients wishes, the facade design used existing sightlines and characteristics of the building to develop a fitting modern addition. The existing brick facade extends into the garden, and using brick on the interior floor and out into the garden not only invites the garden back into the house but helps the warmth collected over the day to be slowly released around the house.


location:                 Amsterdam
gross area:             240 m3
client:                      private
team:                       l. gibson,  r. van mameren
date started:          Sept 2017
stage:                     DO
exp. finish:             July 2018
budget:                  ca. 80,000eur.