Encouraging a creative culture

A new pilot store in Belgium offering space for young designers to sell their products is a concept "after my own heart". The store SCOOP offers physical space in which upcoming creatives can launch new products, and sell them, without having to be there. Leaving the designer with more time to develop their designs, and pursue new projects.

The concept takes on selling responsibilities, and charges the designer for the space that they are renting based upon the product itself and space it requires. The cherry on the top of this laudable concept is that all sales are commission free. The result is not only a shopping experience that you can tell a story with (that of the designer and their project) but actively brings together the craftsman and businessman in a way that encourages a creative culture stay alive in our cities.

In two weeks time will be the launch of my own similar concept, {as Platform} a project developed together with the Philharmonie in Haarlem and van Dongen-Koschuch | Architects and Planners, all based in the Netherlands. The Philharmonie is a 11000m2 concert hall building, with 200 events per year and around 70,000 visitors, attending a range of events from local concerts to international conferences. vD-K Architects (and namely, Frits van Dongen, the former Rijksbouwmeester) were asked to develop a new interior concept that would use the space in a more inspiring way.

Considering the local role the Philharmonie plays as the "beating heart" of Haarlem, and it's international role as an events space (for the likes of Microsoft) we asked the Philharmonie if they would be interested in doing a little more than replacing their old chairs, using a part of their yearly budget to add another layer of cultural awareness to their programming. Our proposal split the interior concept into two parts. The first part; BASE pieces from established Dutch designers service the functional requirements of the space on a daily basis, and secondly SPECIALS, pieces from upcoming Dutch Designers, creating a unique experience for event goers and providing a platform for young creatives to sell their work. It will require the Philharmonie's current bee-hive of activity to quickly adapt and take on new responsibilities outside their current musical knowledge. Being the dynamic business that they are this didn't phase them, they accepted our proposal and are thrilled to be taking on the new responsibilities involved in housing these special objects. 

The SPECIALS are strategically placed on carpets around the Philharmonie, clearly framed and presented to the visitor. Information about the designer and their projects is available in the vicinity of the object, as well as on the Philharmonie's website where people interested in purchasing an object are directed straight back to the designer. No commission is charged by the Philharmonie, and in the future they even hope to encourage specific events organised around their musical talent and designers combined. There are already talks of some of the current designers involved collaborating to design bespoke pieces specially for the Philharmonie...watch this space.


The Philharmonie will be reopening with a new interior on the 14th of April, accompanied by a concert by Spin Vis, more details here.