The sketch design for this 4-storey house looked to improve the use and functionality of a basement level which housed a small central atrium for light and split the otherwise large space into two. In order to do so, the new design proposed using the unused historic alley way (steeg) to bring light into the basement from the front door and to the end of the site. The steeg would therefore also serve as a lower garden space that could be accessed from the street directly, using the former steeg door.

As a result, the kitchen, dining, living and garden area could all be combined, fitting accordingly to the new inhabitants daily habits. The elevated ground level (which used to be the kitchen) could then become a more formal sitting area (and buffer area), leading up to the further private bedrooms and bathrooms in the rest of the building. Exposed brick, natural hard woods and white walls provides an understated interior so that the family could personalise with their own eclectic furntiure and possessions collection.


location:        Amsterdam
gross area:    510 m3
client:            private
date started: 2013
stage:            sketch design only
completion:  2014